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Saturdy 21st: Bring your own Binos/Telescope open evening. 7.30pm (weather permitting)

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What's Up - Week of 16th January

  • Astronomical Twilight ends at 18.29 UT at the start of the week and at 18.37 UT at the end

  • The Moon wanes to Last Quarter on Thursday

  • Venus dominates the evening sky in the West and is just past Greatest Eastern Elongation

  • After 10 blank days already this year, the Sun at last has some spot activity, though the 2 groups are small and not active themselves

  • The ISS makes no passes this week

  • There is one bright evening Iridium flare this week on Friday at 17.32.23 at 65 degrees altitude in NE


Random Blackett Image
Vast pillars of dust and gas in M16, the Eagle Nebula in Serpens. Gravitational collapse of tiny 'drops' of these pillars will give birth to new stars. (NASA, Hubble)

News - 12th January

House visit: 14 Shell pupils from MM came up to the Dome. There was a light covering of snow on the ground but the sleet had stopped. Only the Full Moon and Venus could be seen through the cloud, though Orion was seen in the bright moonlight at the end. The sky was otherwise cloudy. A fine lunar halo was seen

Next House visit: Thursday 19th January (LI)

9th to 18th December

10th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA):Sandor Kruk (PhD student in Oxford Astrophsics Department and Merton College) and CEB led the UK team of 5 students (4 boys and 1 girl) in Bhubaneswar, India. All 5 team members gained awards; 1 Gold (10th overall out of 240 competitors), 1 Silver, 1 Bronze and 2 Honourable Mentions. This ranked the UK 6th out of the 42 countries competing, behind Russia, Iran, India ,China and USA. The effort required in the three 5 hour exams is considerable and we are delighted with the result

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