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Thursday 18th: Tour of the Winter Sky. Cancelled due to weather.

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What's Up - Week of 15th December

  • Astronomical Twilight ends at 18.02 UT at the start of the week and 18.04 UT at the end. Very little change due to the approach of the Winter Solstice

  • The Moon is waning and will be New at the start of next week

  • The Sun has 8 sunspot groups, 2 of which could produce flares

  • The ISS makes good passes: Monday 16.54.02 SW to E reaching 40 degrees and 18.30.19 W to W to 50 degrees. Tuesday 17.39.49 WSW to E to 81 degrees and 19.16.27 W to W to 15 degrees. Wednesday 16.49.20 WSW to E reaching 65 degrees and 18.25.53 W to W to 57 degrees. Thursday 17.35.17 W to E to 85 degrees and 19.11.54 W to W to 17 degrees. Friday sees the best pass at 16.44.38 W to E to 88 degrees and then 18.21.16 W to W to 69 degrees. Saturday 17.30.34 W to E to 87 degrees and 19.07.12 W to W to 20 degrees and Sunday 16.39.49 W to 84 degrees and 18.16.26 W to S to 59 degrees

  • There are two bright evening Iridium flares on Monday at 17.13.38 at 62 degrees in NE and a superbright flare on 17.00.09 at 66 degrees in ENE


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Past Events - Bedwyn School Visit

News - 13th December

Geminid meteor watching: With temperatures falling to -4 and before the waning Gibbous Moon rose, groups of Staff, Friends, external visitors and families gathered from 8pm till 11.15pm under largely clear skies. Over 50 people took part and rates of Geminids climbed from 20 an hour to 30 then over 50. At the end there was a minute in which 8 were seen. In total over 159 were recorded and well over 160 seen. The meteors were fairly uniform with most at magnitude +1 but a few bright and unusual meteors were seen. The Binos allowed a good view of M42 (Pleiades) and the 10 inch tracked first M45 (Orion Nebula) and then Jupiter seen for the first time in the evening this autumn. Intially only 3 moons were visible but soon all four, unusually Io was the furthest out apparently. M31 was found by eye and Constellations identified

5th December

GCSE Observing: Period 6 was cancelled at the last minute as the sky cleared for the first time in months. 9 Remove and 3 Hundreds astronomers came up to the Dome with NMA and CEB. The Remove started their first mock List A Controlled Assessment drawings of Constellations and the 3 Hundreds started their List B observations doing star counts in (Sadr - gamma Cyg) and out (Megrez - delta UMa and Phad - gamma UMa)of the Galactic plane, using ETX, Zeiss binos and 10x50 Celestrons

4th December

House visit: 9 pupils from CO Shell came up to the Dome. The sky was cloudy

Next House visit: Thursday 8th January

27th November

House visit: 10 pupils from PR Shell came up to the Dome. the sky was cloudy

Next house visit: Thursday 4th December (CO)

25th November

House visit: 11 pupils from C2 Shell came up to the Dome on a miserable wet night

Next House visit: Thursday 27th November (PR)

20th November

House visit: 11 Shell pupils and a House Tutor from C3 came up to the Dome. The sky was cloudy

Next House visit: Tuesday 25th November (C2)

11th November

House visit: 13 Shell pupils from MO came up to the Dome in heavy rain. Luckily the walk back was drier. The Dome could not be opened

Next House visit: Thursday 20th (C3)

6th November

House visit: 15 MM Shell and their U6 Head of Shell came up to the Dome in light drizzle. The sky was totally cloudy and orange with skyglow

Next House visit: Tuesday 11th November (MO)

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